What is Pragmatic Linux?

Pragmatic Linux is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux which offers all capabilities for Web Development and an already setup Server Environment. Pragmatic Linux is fast and lightweight while still acting as a stable Operating System. It comes as a 64-bit version and has many different built-in tools. It is licensed and protected by various license communities. Pragmatic Linux is also available as a standalone Web Server version.

What is it for?

Pragmatic Linux is build to assist Software Developers, Web Developers and Server Administrators in being more productive during their work by offering tools for managing projects more easily, with an easier user interface. Pragmatic Linux is free and is available for business use (within in Intranet).

Safe Secure

Safe & Secure

We want our users to feel safe and protected while using Pragmatic. This is why Pragmatic has many built-in features that offer a secure working environment.

Pragmatic PLS

Pragmatic Linux Server

Pragmatic Linux Server (PLS) is a special version of Pragmatic Linux dedicated for server use. PLS offers minimal usage of the Memory, CPU and Disk space, and is designed for helping System Administrators in building network infrastructures. PLS offers many helpful features.

Environment & App

Environment & Apps

Pragmatic Linux comes with a pre-configured environment which has a lot great apps and frameworks pre-installed and ready to use.


Web Development

Pragmatic Linux is setup with pre-installed tools, services, and many pre-configured frameworks. One of the biggest features is the Pragmatic Linux Server.

Who is using Pragmatic Linux Server & Pragmatic Linux

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Linux Foundation
Llampa Software Development
Open Invention Network
Riba Linux Portal
Vizioni Per Arsim – College