Pragmatic Linux is a non-profit organization that survives because of the tireless efforts of many people in the community and the core development circle. None of us are paid for our work, and we don’t have the personal funds to sustain server costs ourselves. There are many ways to help support Pragmatic Linux, such as through technical development (Python, Bash, Java, Grub, Linux system, Kernel), documentation writing, forum administration, Servers, hardware equipment or through financial donations.


Why donate money?

Pragmatic Linux is free of cost and doesn’t generate any direct sort of income. It is funded by advertising, sponsoring and donations. Currently, we are financially supported only by our own user community.


How is the money used?

The donated money is used to finance the needs of the distribution, to pay for servers, maintenance, to advertise on other websites, to purchase equipment and to fund the work of the people behind it.


How much should you give?

The donations we receive range from a single dollar to a couple of hundreds. The important thing for people is to give something, and for us it’s to generate the income that will let us work and succeed on this project, month after month. If you want to help, and if you can do so, please make a donation to the project and encourage others to do so.


What is the long-term plan regarding the funding of Pragmatic Linux?

We believe Pragmatic Linux can gather the momentum and the community necessary to fund itself entirely through donations, sponsoring and advertisement without the need to engage in commercial activities and without focusing our attention on anything else than improving the distribution itself.

You can donate easily with via a VISA credit card account. You can also become our sponsor, for more information please contact us by sending an email to or

Please contribute if you believe in our mission. We are thankful for every help that we can get!

Account Holder: Alban Mulaki
Name of Beneficary Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo
Bank Address: Prishtina, Kosovo
IBAN: XK05 1504 0700 0091 5022
Currency: Euro (GBP, USD, CHF, DKK, CAD, SEK, NOK)