Safe & Secure

One of our priorities is security. Pragmatic Linux is a secure OS and it is open source, so everyone can see that there are no spyware or backdoors included. We want our users to feel safe and protected while using Pragmatic. This is why Pragmatic has many built-in features that offer a secure working environment.

Pragmatic Linux Server

Pragmatic Linux Server (PLS) is a special version of Pragmatic Linux dedicated for server use. PLS offers minimal usage of the Memory, CPU and Disk space, and is designed for helping System Administrators in building network infrastructures. PLS offers many helpful features: usage as a standalone system via VirtualBox, possibility to act like a Web server, compatibility with every OS (MAC, Windows, Linux) with VirtualBox installed, ability to start many instances of a server, it can be used in one Real Machine, it offers many services (Apache, MySQL, PHP, FTP, SSH, SMB Share, Webmin Administration Panel Web Interface, phpMyAdmin, etc.), possibility for Port Forwarding, a pre-configured environment and Hostname.

Pragmatic PLS

Environment & Apps

Pragmatic Linux comes with a pre-configured environment which has a lot great apps and frameworks pre-installed and ready to use.Some of those apps are: Thunderbird, FileZilla, Nmap, Firefox Developer, Firefox, Chromium, VLC Player, LibreOffice, Chromium, GIT, XFCE4 Desktop, Sublime Text Editor, BitTorrent Client, Team Viewer, XChat IRC, UNetBootin, Oracle Virtual Machine, Partition Editor Manager GUI, GRUB Bootloader and Pragmatic-Dev Software.

The installed frameworks include: PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Yii-Basic , etc.), Javascript (Backbone, AngularJS, etc.), HTML (Bootstrap, Foundation 4, 99lime, etc.) and many more. Package Manager Pacman is used for installing new software.

Web Development

Pragmatic Linux offers many features for Web development. It is configured for business use or as a standalone version for everyday users. It comes with many tools pre-installed, these include: NetBeans editor, FileZilla, Chromium, Firefox Developer, phpMyAdmin.

The pre-installed services include: HTTP (Apache), MySQL (MariaDB), PHP, Secure Shell – SSH, File Transfer – FTP. Different Frameworks are available for installation through the Pragmatic-Dev Software. The following Frameworks come pre-configured: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, AngularJS, BackboneJS.The Project Manage Structure enables the creation of independent environments for each project and the creation of users and passwords for each project.

Pragmatic Linux also offers Virtual Hosts for easier access through the domain name, a Webmin Administration Panel (Web Interface Manage) and the customizable Port Forwarding options.
Another big feature of Pragmatic Linux is the Pragmatic Linux Server, which is a special software version which makes Pragmatic usable as a server.



Pragmatic Linux comes with a lot of awesome and practical functionalities. All of these features work seamlessly together, thus, providing a simple, fast, lightweight and flexible software product to the user for a better experience.

Pragmatic Linux, as the name suggests, is inspired by the Pragmatism philosophical movement. It is developed by software enthusiasts from Kosovo and it is FREE (Yes, no costs! Donations are appreciated). Pragmatic Linux is built as a 64-bit architecture and even though it runs on low hardware requirements (it runs even on old computers!), it still offers a very powerful, efficient and elegant performance at the same time through a very user friendly interface.

Pragmatic is designed for more experienced or technically-minded users, but it also offers a Focus Environment on developers and learners. The features provided by Pragmatic are the result of a combination with features from Arch Linux. Other features include the new installation process, access to the Arch User Repository (AUR), latest cutting-edge software and a Rolling-Release system update.