For Business

Server Role

The Pragmatic Linux server role provides the following pre-configured services and features: FTP Server, SSH Server, Web Hosting, My SQL Database, Webmin Administration Panel and PHP processing. One of the many great features of Pragmatic Linux Server (PLS) is fast booting, which as the name describes, offers faster booting compared to other server operating systems. PLS offers the Auto Correction feature for handling service errors.

Capable in VirtualBox

Pragmatic Linux offers the capability to be used as a server in VirtualBox. Not only can you manage it from VirtualBox, you also can access it from other computers on the network (intranet), use a Domain Name instead of an IP address, configure a VirtualHost, allocate the memory, CPU Cores and HDD in VirtualBox.

Easy installation and configuration steps guarantee a good start for using Pragmatic Linux as a server.


Ready Environment

Pragmatic Linux comes with a ready environment which is optimized for developers. If you are interested in a server environment, then please go ahead and check out Pragmatic Linux Server (PLS). Some characteristics include less memory, GPU and CPU usage, the XFCE Desktop environment, and various tools (NetBeans, Git, Composer, PHP5.6, PHP7, MySQL, FTP, SSH, Apache, Bootloader, etc.).

Fast Development

Pragmatic Linux offers the Pragmatic-dev software for a faster development process. Fast project initialization and an easy framework installation steps enable a better project setup experience. The latest versions of the frameworks are easily obtained. Servers are handled remotely via SSH.



Pragmatic Linux is appropriate for business use because it can be used inside the intranet. Project are easy accessible via a URL from any other computer which is connected to the intranet.

Other benefits of Pragmatic Linux for business use include: a shareable nature, access to the Git Server, separation of users for each project and environment isolation for projects.