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Forum Rules, Guidelines, and Policy
General Rules
  1. Are strictly prohibited from using offensive words, threatening or provocative.
  2. Forum is forbidden to used for ads of other products not related to the PragmaticLinux.
  3. Respect the Forum Staff
    • Do not argue with Staff directly in a topic; if you wish to discuss an issue, contact through e-mail or PM (Private Message).
    • All of the forum staff are volunteers and o
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We are on Tapatalk Access forum from your Smartphone
Ourt forum PragmaticLinux is now accessible on Tapatalk! Tapatalk is a free forum app for your smartphone that lets you share and being notify post, reply, photos, private messages and discussions on our community easily on-the-go.

You can download Tapatalk from Google Store or Apple Store.

To add us on Tapatalk search for pragmaticlinux and add then login with your user and you are accessible on forum from tapatalk. Tapatalk is secure login
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This forum is empty?
Hello iam surf here with tapatalk but i.cant see any thread... why?