Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Pragmatic Linux is a Linux distribution dedicated and designed for Software Developers and System Administrators. It comes with a ready environment and also offers a lot of great tools and services.
Pragmatic Linux can be used for business or personal purposes, such as for Software development, as Server software, for System administration and Database administration. These purposes can be achieved with the help of various pre-installed tools and services like Git Server, FTP Server, SSH Server, VirtualBox and many more.
Pragmatic Linux offers a lot of benefits, such as: the ability to manage many projects, ease of use, easy maintenance, team collaboration features, the Git server, usability as a client or a public server, Web Hosting and other great features.
Pragmatic Linux enables the installation of third party software just like Arch Linux.
Pragmatic Linux requires 64 bit processes and is able to support TeraBytes of RAM. Thus, by making better use of these resources, Pragmatic Linux becomes a more reliable system.
The hardware requirements depend strongly on the reasons you plan to use Pragmatic Linux. All requirements can be found here.
Our official documentation can be found in our Wiki pages. Other helpful resources include the Community Forum or our official YouTube channel.